Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a "pub crawl" ?
The Pub Crawl Marseille is an event made mainly for people who do not know the city of Marseille and want to know the nightlife. With our expert guides of the nightlife of Marseille, you will discover the best bars and the best clubs in the city in only one night with some thirty people as fun as you ! In each bar, a shooter will be offered and you will have special prices for your beverages. Drinking games such as beer pong or battle shot will be suggested.
2What will we do ?
We'll take you to the 3 best bars and the best club in the city to meet people from all over the world, dance the night away, and play games, all with nightly beverage discounts and free shooters in every place! The program : Bar 1 : everyone introduces himself, and gets to know others. We discuss in a good atmosphere and with good Marseille beer (because we know how to do it too !). Bar 2 : the ice is broken, we can start hostilities with a tournament of beerpong, battleshot and 4-pong ! Bar 3 : whether you have won or lost (NB: your guides always win because they cheat), the third bar is made to dance and workout ! Club : the last step, and the most important ! We go together to the best club in Marseille to party until the end of the night. Of course, no waiting time because we pass the door in VIP mode !
3Why I didn't receive the instructions after purchasing my ticket ?
After the payment, you will receive 1 email which is used to confirm your order and to give you all the necessary information to get to the meeting point. If you have not received the email, check your spam folder. If there is nothing, send us an email at hello@pubcrawl-marseille.com.
4Why are the bars and clubs a secret ?
Nightly itineraries vary and are confidential in order to preserve exclusivity, confidentiality, and quality control. Details are included with tickets & booking confirmation.
5What are the bars and clubs like ?
Events begin in venues with a relatively calm atmosphere, and then increase in intensity as the night proceeds.
6How long does it take to walk between each place ?
The bars are close to each other, and you have to walk less than five minutes between each bar.
7What is the minimum age to participate ?
You must be at least 18 years old. An identity card or passport may be required. We advise you to bring at least one hard copy or your phone.
8Do you organize drinking games ?
One or more games are organized during the evening, such as the famous beerpong or battleshot.
9Is there a dresscode ?
There is no dresscode, but we advise you to dress in a neutral way, so no sportswear, beach or disguises for example.
10Is the Pub Crawl canceled if it's raining ?
A Pub Crawl is never canceled, unless there are major forces (storm, volcano, earthquake, alien attack, or all at once). You will be notified by email in this case.
11What is the refund policy ?
Unfortunately, we inform bars and clubs of the number of people participating in the pubcrawl, and we can not refund the tickets purchased, unless the fault lies with us.